Celebrate Life

sri lanka insurance life

Sri Lanka Insurance Life offers a range of life insurance plans to suit your income and life style. With the largest life fund- Rs. 60 billion in the insurance industry and the largest managed asset base of Rs. 132 billion Sri Lanka Insurance Life offers guaranteed bonus on your life insurance plan from the very first year of policy commencement.

  • A life insurance that builds a guaranteed fund
    Minimuthu childrens plan
  • A guaranteed pension from as early as 45 years
    Freedom Retirment Plan
  • Life insurance with higher bonuses on maturity.
    Dividiri Protection Plan
  • Life insurance that grows with time
    Praguna High Return Plan
  • Life insurance Plan with advanced payments.
    Yasa Isuru Advance Benefit Plan
  • Two year relief plan for seasonal income earners
  • Adequate protection for your housing loan
    Mortgage Protection Plan