Suraksha Health Policy For School Children

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‘Suraksha’ is a free health insurance policy which would give benefits to all schoolchildren between the ages of five and 19. The Ministry of Education has introduced this concept which would be carried out by Sri Lanka Insurance. To be enacted under the theme ‘Forever protect the children of the nation,’ the policy aims to ensure that the physical and mental well-being of all Sri Lankan children is maintained at an optimum.

The health insurance policy will ease the financial burden when students are faced with illnesses, accidents and disabilities in and out of the school. It will help students to continue with their education, overcoming any health-related obstacles they may encounter, irrespective of financial status.


Key benefits

  • A hospitalisation cover for Rs. 200,000 per year with a Rs. 100,000 cover for one hospitalisation
  • A daily payment of Rs. 1,000 for hospitalisation in a government hospital up to 30 days with Rs. 10,000 for drugs/tests not provided by the hospital.
  • 10,000 for outdoor medical bills covering the following ailments and conditions – cancer, end state renal failure, multiple sclerosis, major organ transplant, paralysis, blindness and third degree burns
  • Personal accident cover of Rs. 100,000 for the student
  • 75,000 to be paid on the accidental death of one parent for the year
  • Permanent or partial disability cover for the child

For more details, terms and conditions, please refer the insurance policy signed between the Ministry of Education and Sri Lanka Insurance

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