Contractors all Risks Insurance

Contractors All Risks Insurance

Understanding the many risks associated with today’s fast paced and highly demanding construction industry, we have tailored a comprehensive policy for contractors undertaking civil construction projects including buildings, bridges, road developments and dams. The policy will not only be a safety net, but also a contractual requirement for civil construction projects.

Insurance for all from the largest & strongest National Insurer
Coverage for construction work and related perils


  • Contract price
  • Plant & machinery
  • Plant & equipment
  • Removal of debris
  • Principal’s existing property


Third party liability and related perils


  • Bodily injury
  • Property damages
  • Vibration, removal or weakening of support
  • Underground cables


Additional Covers


  • Strike, riot and civil commotion cover
  • Terrorism cover


  • Policyholder should have an insurable interest on the asset
  • Policyholder should be eligible to sign an insurance agreement as per the legislation framework of Sri Lanka
  • Insuring property / assets should be within the geographical limits of Sri Lanka
Why should I select Sri Lanka Insurance as My Insurance Partner?

Sri Lanka Insurance is the pioneer insurance company in the island with a history spanning over 60 years. Being backed by the state has added to its strength and credibility while it has the most experienced technical knowledge base. Its Life Fund in excess of LKR 156.7 billion  and asset base of over LKR 274 billion are unmatched in the industry.

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