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Welcome to our dedicated pet insurance service tailored to protect your cherished canine companion. At Sri Lanka Insurance, we understand that your dog is more than just a pet—they're a beloved member of your family. With our comprehensive pet insurance plans, we strive to provide the best possible care and financial support for your furry friend, ensuring their health and well-being are always a top priority.

Join our community of responsible pet owners and provide your furry friend with the care they deserve. Discover how our pet insurance plans can make a difference in your dog's life today.


Cover Sum insured Rs.
Accidental Death 100,000/-
Hospital expenses - Accidents 100,000/-
Hospital expenses - Surgical procedures (illnesses) 150,000/-
Hospital expenses - Non surgical procedures (illnesses) 100,000/-
Third party Liability 100,000/-
Total sum insured 550,000/-

**Subject to policy terms, conditions and exclusions as per the standard insurance policy

Insurance for all from the largest & strongest National Insurer
Accidental Death Coverage

In the unfortunate event of an accidental loss, we offer coverage to assist with the associated costs, providing support during this difficult time.

Hospital Expenses - Accidents

Accidents can happen at any moment. Our insurance covers hospitalization expenses for accidents, ensuring your dog receives the necessary care and treatment to recover.

Hospital Expenses - Surgical Procedures (Illnesses)

When facing illnesses that require surgical intervention, our insurance covers hospital expenses, including surgical procedures, medications, and aftercare, to promote a speedy recovery.

Hospital Expenses - Non-Surgical Procedures (Illnesses)

We understand that not all illnesses require surgery. Our insurance covers a wide range of non-surgical medical treatments and procedures to address various health conditions, prioritizing your dog's comfort and well-being.

Third-Party Liability

Your dog's safety and interactions with others are important. Our insurance provides coverage for third-party liability, offering financial protection in case of accidental damages or injuries caused by your dog to others or their property.

INTEREST COVERED : Domestic Pet Dogs
The insured Pet must;
1. Be identified by one of the following methods
  • Micro chipped
  • Tattooing
  • Nose print
  • Colored photographs
2. Be residing regularly in the same premise as the Insured

3. Be at least 8 weeks old and not more than 7 years old at the Policy Commencement Date of the first period of Insurance

4. Not be a working dog (guide dog, hunting dog or attack dog)

5. Not be a dog used for breeding purposes
Why should I select Sri Lanka Insurance as My Insurance Partner?

Sri Lanka Insurance is the pioneer insurance company in the island with a history spanning over 60 years. Being backed by the state has added to its strength and credibility while it has the most experienced technical knowledge base. Its Life Fund in excess of LKR 156.7 billion  and asset base of over LKR 274 billion are unmatched in the industry.

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