Jana Rakuma

Jana Rekuma Individual Personal Accident Cover

Jana Rekuma Personal Accident cover offers a comprehensive coverage against accident injuries that may occur anywhere at any time. Affordable premiums and multiple benefits offered to individuals are the unique features of this cover that makes Jana Rekuma to stand out from other similar products available in the market.

This cover includes,

  • Personal accident cover
  • Hospital Allowance cover due to accident
  • Funeral expense cover
  • 24x7 worldwide coverage
  • Motorcycle cover (whether as a driver or pillion rider)


Jana Rekuma Product Details

Policy period 12 months
Age at entry Minimum age of entry-18
Maximum age of entry-60 (before 60th birthday)
Cover ceasing age 70 years
Type of Plan Individual
Premium type Annual premium
Insurance for all from the largest & strongest National Insurer

Jana Rekuma Benefits and Premium

  Option I Option II Option III
Sum Insured Rs. 250,000/- Rs. 500,000/- Rs. 1,000,000/-
Premium (with taxes) Rs. 700/- Rs. 1,250/- Rs. 2,100/-
*Hospital allowance cover due to accident
(Maximum 14 days only per annum)
Rs. 3,500/-
(Rs. 250/- Per day x 14 days Max)
Rs. 7,000/- 
(Rs. 500/- Per day x 14 days Max)
Rs. 10,500/- 
(Rs. 750/- Per day x 14 days Max)
**Funeral Expense Cover  due to Accidental & Natural Death Rs. 10,000/- Rs. 15,000/- Rs. 20,000/-


*Minimum two days hospitalization required to obtain this benefit

**Subject to no liability due to suicide, self-inflicted injuries, insanity, alcoholism, drug addiction, aids, and other sexually transmitted diseases

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Sri Lanka Insurance is the pioneer insurance company in the island with a history spanning over 60 years. Being backed by the state has added to its strength and credibility while it has the most experienced technical knowledge base. Its Life Fund in excess of LKR 156.7 billion  and asset base of over LKR 274 billion are unmatched in the industry.

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